Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dan Petrov mixtape and some disco bollocks.

Long time no do anything.

Dan gave me this mix while back but it was far too cutting edge to broadcast. Its been quarantined for 3months and is now safe for human consumption.

El musico-de-mixtape avec DAN!

John Cage – Sonata #4
Liars – The Wrong Coat for You Mt. Heart Attack
Liz Phair – Glory
Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimbas
Appleblim – Mystical Warrior
Pere Ubu – Final Solution
HEALTH – Triceratops
A Place to Bury Strangers – To Fix the Gash in Your Head
The Breeders – We’re Gonna Rise
Liz Phair – Dance of the Seven Veils
Swans – In My Garden
Charlambides – Figs and Oranges
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Patsy Cline – She’s Got You

Thankyou dan, much appreciated mate.

Now for my own dismal effort...I have no records with me here so have my youtube disco mix instead:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drexciya Marathon

Hi everyone. Time for some music from another of my favourite artists: Drexciya. Drexciya are from Detroit and make electro and techno mainly. There were two of them and they produced lots more music under different alias's both together and separately. Its some of the best music on the planet. Sadly one of them, James Stinson, died in 2002. Thats James on the right. Supposedly. They were a mysterious bunch who remained completely anonymous until his death. Most of the early material appeared on UR, and is proper raw, live, dance your arse off analog electro. Their 1997 double album 'The Quest' being a good starter if you're looking to get a bunch of it. Warning: Expensive!!!

In the 2 years preceding his demise Stinson produced 7 (seven!) LP's under various secretive alias's either alone or with Gerald Donald (no one really knows) released on various worldwide labels.
He knew he was sick, but I never found out if he knew he was dying. The explosion of creativity and general vibe of the music that resulted suggests to me that he knew. If the idea of good art is to be able to express feelings through abstract means then this guy fucking nails it. And if anyone else can recommend me 7 (seven!) albums created in two years by one artist as good as these, well, I'll bare my arse in Burtons' window.

Without wishing to get too wishy washy all the great themes appear to be explored over these 7 'Storms'. Love, Life, Death for example. I prefer these albums to the earlier Drexciya sound. To me they're more cerebral, more emotional, and more experimental. More introspective too I think.

Gerald also appears to be an interesting character with fascinations for Germany, Nuclear Physics, Japan, Porn, Extra-Terrestrial life and pop music amongst others. His Dopplereffeckt outfit started doing retro-Kraftwerkian stuff and then created two of my favourite experimental/ambient electro albums ever. Cold. Arpanet is another alias with 2 incredible strings and vocoders electro outings. (and a bit of a duffer/way-out-there album in between). Definate sense of humour in these recordings. May appear cheesy to smart-arses: this is bollocks. The Japanese Telecom album I have is also a beaut.

So as you can probably tell, between them, they released a ton of good music. My good man Toby from Bleep43 compiled 3 hours of it for one his podcasts a while back and he's kindly lent it to me to put up here. If any of you are in Europe and want to hear some amazing music in a great space I can highly recommend the Bleep nights. Real underground cutting edge music and super nice people. And you might be able to smoke. I think they have Pole, Surgeon, Dj Pete coming over the next few months. And some guy I've never even heard of called Scorn who's bound to be fucking brilliant.

Enough shit, here's the music.

Buy The Chuffing Music Too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Music for ya

Today, tomorrow...anyway.

Sorry for the lack of music the last 2 weeks. I was in San Francisco. For 3 days. Obviously that messes with your schedule when your life's as hectic as mine.

I had something half cooked up before I went but wasn't in the same mood when i got back I've dragged the wife away from the b**g and enlisted her help as a dj assistant. So half the tunes are hers and half mine.

Download Me

2. DeepChord - Vantage Isle (CV313 Reduction) [echospace [detroit]]
3. Hieroglyphic Being - The Appearance Of The Remember Of Me (Electronic Drums Version) [Same Soul Different Body Imprint]
4. Nick Chacona - Gazed [Speak Recordings
5. Luke-Hess - Shalom Dub [FXHE]
6. Brommage Dub - Carbon Dub [Bromma]
7. Fred P. - Everyday [Soul People Music]
9. Timmy Regisford - Dub For Downtown 161 [Downtown 161]
11. DeepChord Present Echospace - Spatialdimension [echospace [detroit]]

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vinyl Fetishism

Vinyl. Mmmmmmmmm.

OK, going to make another music thingy today, but before that heres a link to a record y'all might wanna buy.

Beautiful isn't it? Well there's only probably 15 copies left so move fast. If you miss out consider the slightly cheaper, but a bit smudged apparantly, black version.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Convextion live in Manchester

Oh yes. I think its important to convey my excitement here. It doesnt get much better than convextion. Its 1.30am and i was passing out due to certain indulgances (a massive beefburger since you ask) but this shit just woke me right up. So thanks to jeff for putting me onto it - good werk fella.

I wasnt sure if i wanted to put other peoples sets up here, but then a convextion set came out, so thats that really. I went to see him at fabric with the wifey the same weekend this manchester gig was recorded. He completely blew our faces off. Deep lush space bizness. And more electro than last time which pleased her.

This brings me to a general point. What the fuck happened to the big dj's? Isnt this what they used to sound like? Deep, underground, spacey, emotional, dancey etc? I remember when live acts were complete bollocks. There wasnt a single good one. Now there's no decent big dj's. Fuck 'em, its their own fault.

Maybe I just got older? But jesus, so did they, and what self-respecting 40-year old plays music like that?

Anyway, Convextion, please go out and buy some of his stuff. The guy is amazing and deserves to make enough money that he decides to sack off doing anything else with his time. The CD of his recent album is out in a few days. Go get it. I'd also recommend:

1. E.R.P. - Alsoran [Frantic Flowers] -buy-
2. E.R.P. - Event Related Potential [Down Low Music] -buy-
3. E.R.P. - Vox Automaton Frustrated Funk] -buy-

ERP is supposedly the electro alias, so maybe I prefer that stuff as well. Check it out, there's samples all over t'net. Buy the vinyl though. You can get them in nifty colours and they look ace.

Beware, highly addictive.

Thats all for today. Don't be expecting this kind of frenzied activity regularly, these kind of sets don't come along every week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Radio Shite - Vol. 0

OK, so i botched something together. A few fuck-ups (pressing the filter at the wrong moment - check, double-check; getting too much cat hair on the needle and skidding it across the record - check; forgetting to take the record off before the next tune starts - check) but thats techno innit?

Download Me

1. Allez Allez - African Queen (Quiet Village Dub) [Eskimo Recordings] -Buy-
2. Kozo Inada - c[0] [Selektion] -Buy-
3. Burial Chamber Trio - Untitled [Southern Lord] -Buy-
4. Kozo Inada - c[2] [Selektion]
5. Black Jazz Consortium - More Love Please pt.2 [Soul People Music] -Buy-
6. Franck Sarrio - Skyscraper [Bunker Records] -Buy-
7. Black Jazz Consortium - RE:Birth Groove [Soul People Music]
8. Franck Sarrio - Paradis [Bunker Records]
9. Time Light Curve - Multipole Vector [AW-Recordings] -Buy-

I got most of the ambient/drone stuff from KFW @ Miramoglu Music (sp??), the deep house bits are mostly from Dope Jams, the Sarrio record is from Corporate Dan who's selling his teenage dreams to make room for a wine cellar, and the last one is another convextion alias on Arne Weinbergs label - nice artwork so get the CD and the vinyl: extra tracks on the Cd; and bigger artwork on the vinyl + its vinyl.

Any comments, thoughts, criticisms, random coincidences noted, suspicions, protestations of innocence, or offers of marriage are well appreciated. Please leave them below. Also anyone who knows how to make pictures work - please get in touch.

Hold on. Whats this?

Radio Shite

Hello people.

Ive always wanted to do more mixes and show people music n shit, so this is a way to, possibly, motivate myself to do just that. Maybe.

I'll be playing all sorts. Probably. And you can forget mixing - takes too damn long. I'm not sure whether to talk yet. It'd be cool to have it as a proper radio show like that but in the end i hate the sound of my own recorded voice. (as opposed to my real voice - in my head).

So I'm off to cook up an hours-worth of music.